Social Environment CIC is a non-profit social enterprise that develops technology and hosts projects to support sustainable development.


We develop technology for wildlife monitoring and conservation.


We offer product design and data analytic services for conservation programmes around the world. We can assist you to plan your project’s long-term evaluation and support with recommendations or design for hardware and software. We take on projects from developing monitoring hardware to tiny trackers which map turtles’ journeys to conducting AI-assisted analysis to determine biodiversity through sound and camera trap data.


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Biodiversity Services

We provide consultation to plan biodiversity surveys. This includes selecting monitoring equipment, helping to decide on sampling strategy and analysing camera trap and bioacoustics data from the survey.

Using the latest advances in AI, even rare and endangered species can now be detected.

This is important for reforestation projects as flora can be selected to rebuild an ecosystem to support rare species.

Even detecting rare species is now possible with advances in machine learning.

We can even train models for rare species based on only a few photos and your descriptions.  We can arrange for new reference recordings to be made on-site where required for validating and improving automatic species classifications.


Using automated bioacoustics we can identify the variety of species present in the survey area. Machine-learning technology allows us to analyse tens of thousands of hours of survey recordings in only several days using clustering and convolutional neural networks.

We provide services to design and analyse bioacoustics surveys which can automatically classify thousands of species. We have expertise in managing the movement of large amounts of data from remote sites with limited or no connection to the outside world. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your project.

Camera Trap – Image Analysis

Our computer vision models breeze through months of camera trap data. We can also develop new models using existing data to speed up your workflow and enhance productivity.

Our network of ecologists and zoologists can train advanced models for use with rare species in unique biomes, meaning that regardless of the environment, we can provide useful analysis to assist with your project. We can even train models for rare species based on a couple photos and your descriptions.

Hardware Design and Test

There are countless open-sourced tools in conservation technology, some software, some hardware. We can build and customise this technology to meet your needs.

We have experience in building weather-resistant equipment which can be operated with one hand if you are half-way up a mountain!

We provide full support and extensively test all equipment so you can be confident that the equipment will work in the field, and you will have our technical expertise behind you.